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First Wings Learning Center offers every child a creative learning environment designed to foster creativity, confidence and independence for young children and their parents. It is our hope that the lives of both you and your child be enriched because of your association with First Wings Learning Center.

We care about each child, individually, striving not to compare, but to appreciate the precious rhythm of each child’s growth. We do not in any way attempt to replace the priority of the home and its environment, but rather seek to supplement and enrich your Childs experience. We feel that each child needs to develop intellectually, socially, and physically, therefore your child will be exposed to many songs, stories, poems, games, large and small muscle activities, and a variety of other interesting learning experiences. The child development approach to early childhood education includes assisting the child toward:

  • Recognizing and developing a positive attitude about their capabilities and limitations.
  • Recognizing and expressing their own feelings.
  • Increasing their self-assurance in social relationships.
  • Finding acceptable outlets for emotions.
  • Fostering independence and experiencing success.
  • Developing a positive attitude toward school and learning.
  • Understanding and respecting the feelings and rights of others.
  • Exploring and expressing ideas through different media (i.e. art, music, dramatic play, manipulative toys, etc.)
  • Developing listening skills and attention span both on an individual basis and in groups.
  • Developing language skills through verbal expressions, auditory skills and language comprehension.
  • Increasing coordination of gross and fine motor muscles.
  • Increasing use of problem solving skills through analytical thinking.
  • Developing awareness and usage of the five senses.
  • Increasing experiences in a variety of area: language arts, fine arts, math, science, etc.

Program Goals

With the help and guidance of teachers who have knowledge of child development, First Wings will strive to broaden the children’s interests and understanding of the world around them. We will promote optimum social, emotional, intellectual and physical development, always considering each child’s individual personality and abilities. Specific activities included in the daily schedule include:

  • Dramatic Play - Children have a chance to express their feelings and ideas of the world they know including their homes their families and the Center using blocks, housekeeping toys, dress-up clothes, dolls, trucks, cars and role-play activities.
  • Science and Nature Activities - Children have an opportunity to explore, observe, investigate and experiment through nature walks, use of magnets, seed, magnify glass or simple experiments using weights, measures and reasoning.
  • Creative Material and Activities - Children are encouraged to show self-expression through use of clay, crayons, colored chalk, easel paints, finger paints, collage materials, sand, paste, water, musical and rhythm instruments as well as dancing and singing.
  • Active Play - Children are encouraged to take on physical activities such as running, jumping, and lifting.
  • Quiet Activities - Children are exposed to a variety of books, records, puzzles, finger plays, cutting with scissors, sewing, stringing beads and simple games.
  • Routines - Common things such as toileting, washing, eating, cleaning up, dressing and rest time are an important part of the program. Self-help will be encouraged in these areas.

Our Staff

First Wings Learning Center staff goes through a 10 year federal background check, a state background check (done every 2 years after hire), must have current and up to date CPR and First Aid certification, 3 or more years previous experience in field, and must have either a degree in early childhood education, degree in a non-related field with 30 or more hours of training in early childhood, or a CDA.
We have a very low staff turnover rate. Some have been here for over 10 years and most for 5 or more years.

Classroom/Center Atmosphere at First Wings Learning Center

First Wings Learning Center is a child’s place. It is a place where each child is free to initiate her own activities and follow through on her ideas. The teachers are extenders of a child’s thoughts and experiences; their goal is to provide an atmosphere in which a child can develop a positive feeling about their self and their abilities.

Remember - Each Child Is Unique. Their talents, interests and stage of development are different from every other child’s. The Following guidelines may apply when working with the children.

Children need boundaries or acceptable limits for behavior. First Wings has three behavior guidelines within which the children are free to make decisions. They are the following:

  • “Be Safe” - Children may not engage in any activity that endangers their physical safety.
  • “Be Kind” - Children may not hurt other children.
  • “Be Neat” - Children may not inflict damage on any materials or equipment.

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